museum night belgrade at goethe-Institut

exhibition view at Goethe-Institut Belgrad, 2012

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Guided trough the depots of the Museum of Yugoslav History (MYH) – within its initiative on reinforcing the interest in the histories of Yugoslavia(s) – Linke and Bechtle with their particular interest in the medium of photography and the period of Socialist Yugoslavia are focused on the photo-collection of the MYH. To be more precise – on its part archiving the photos made by the photographers who were employed by the office of the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to document the work of the life-long President of Socialist Yugoslavia from 1948 until his death in 1980. On May 19th, 2012, as a first step of a three year project, Linke and Bechtle will present their working method at Belgrade “Long Night of Museums” at Goethe-Institut Belgrad.

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