secret.service, hd video, 8:20 min

videostills, secret.service, HD Video, 8:20 min, 2015

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Fabian Bechtle’s video „secret.service“ focuses on a very specific form or physically-concrete transformation of data. The artist deals with the process and the final product of the physical destruction of so-called sensitive data. The destruction is at the end of a long confusing chain of (internal) data transmission. Bechtle documented this process at among others the company Reisswolf, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of office-waste solutions, file and data destruction. Under the slogan secret.service the “office waste“ is collected in safety containers under the highest safety standards, and pressed to blocks from shredded files, weighing (several) tons. The “(data) dust” that occurs during this process is condensed by the company into objects that resemble in shape to drilling cores. The sculptural form and aesthetics of these data objects is that what is of interest to the artist. In his video, he is attempting to make them readable again.

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